Engineering and Development


Deep Drilling and Milling - 5 Axes


CNC Milling Centers

2800 x 1200 x 900

Robot CNC


CNC Milling - 5 Axis




Grinding Machines


CNC Lathe

Ø 300x1000

Our Process



We develop the designs of the molds that we manufacture using the NX Siemens and Fusion 360 software, intervening whenever necessary in the modeling of the parts, always putting the Know-how of the entire team at the service of its customers.



The production of the molds is based on the careful planning of all the work in progress, with weekly information being sent to each customer with the progress of each job.

Production / Machining


With capacity to manufacture molds up to 15TN. Aurimoldes has state-of-the-art production facilities supported by robotic technology in the milling, electrodes and erosion sectors, driven by teams with the human skills and technical specificities necessary for the success of each project.

Follow-up at the customer


The production process does not end when the mold is shipped. Aurimoldes provides technical assistance for its molds and maintains them whenever requested by the customer.


Aluminium die casting

Since its foundation in 1997, Aurimoldes has always had aluminium die casting as one of its main focuses, if not the main focus. With highly skilled people in its teams, it soon combined know-how with a strategic vision of sustainability. Aware that aluminium is an infinitely recyclable metal, Aurimoldes has always sought to ensure that its activity tends towards the construction of moulds for die-casting this material, becoming one of the Portuguese companies with the greatest experience in this sector of activity.

High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

High-pressure aluminium moulds are very demanding tools from a thermal point of view, which always requires a joint study between the manufacturer and the foundryman in order to obtain the best possible results. As the injection pressures and working temperatures are very high, the correct sizing of the moulds, the steel to be used and the heat treatment are fundamental points that must be defined and coordinated for the success of the entire process.

Low pressure (LPDC)

Low pressure injection moulds require the same attention to quality as HPDC moulds. However, the parts obtained by this process have a higher density and are more resistant to shock and vibration, so they are usually used for parts that require greater resistance, such as car chassis and wheel rims.

Zamak Injection Moulding

This process belongs to the HPDC category and is distinguished by the fact that it usually uses hot chamber machines rather than cold chamber machines as in aluminium injection moulding.

Sand core moulding

The know-how for this process was developed with the production of LPDC moulds. This led to the need to produce, together with the low pressure moulds, the cores that are subsequently mounted on them in order to obtain parts with homogeneous thicknesses.

Gito cutting tools

High-pressure injection moulding "requires" the production of gypsum cutting tools to separate the parts from their filling channels and from the burrs that can be created by the injection process. Aurimoldes manufactures this type of equipment, offering its customers a complete solution for the production of their parts.

Plastic injection moulds

This is the most widely known injection process in the world, and Aurimoldes stands out in the production of high quality moulds for a wide range of applications. Its moulds are used in the automotive, food, household appliances, gas and industrial machinery industries to ensure the best injection of parts, both technical and aesthetic.

Magnesium injection moulding - Tixomolding

This is an injection process that is still little known in Europe and there are still very few foundries that use this technology. It consists of the injection of magnesium without the need for a melting furnace, the alloy being used in grains. The parts obtained by this process are usually used in electronic components.


Aurimoldes, being a company certified by TUV for the ISO 9001-2025 standard, has as its main focus the satisfaction of its customers. Our care exist throughout the entire production process, proving through verifications and measurements all produced parts.