Aurimoldes is a company dedicated to the manufacture of injection moulds for different sectors of activity, using different production technologies. We develop and produce molds for Aluminum, Magnesium, Zamak and Plastic injection.

Aurimoldes was founded in 1997 by José Ribeiro and Paulo Figueiredo. Initially with 6 employees and a space of 250m2, Aurimoldes soon began to grow in number of employees, starting work partnerships with large companies in the national mold sector.



In 2002, when the first major crisis in the sector occurred after its founding, the company decided to start attracting foreign customers, thus starting its internationalization process that lasts until today.
Starting first with more nearby markets, such as Spain, over the years it has expanded its work capacity and served various mold consumer markets in various parts of the globe, such as France, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Russia, USA, Mexico and Brazil.



Throughout its existence, Aurimoldes has always invested 100% of its annual profits in the improvement and enhancement of the company, building its own facilities in 2004, which it has expanded over the years to the current covered area of 2200m2.
From then on, the improvement in working conditions was a constant, culminating in 2019 with the robotization of two work cells, one for graphite and the other for steel, thus trying to keep up with the need to be more competitive in the labor market, providing also, to its teams evolution and knowledge in what is, and will continue to be, the massive automation of all productive spaces.



We work to be a reference of excellence for each of our customers, thus intending, in a sustained way, to make a path that allows us to be a reference company in the sector of the mold industry.


Continue to be a company with a high sense of responsibility, always prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers, the satisfaction of our teams, as well as the protection of the environment, valuing and promoting practices that promote humanity in the relationships between work teams.


Focused on its mission, based on its values as always, Aurimoldes intends to be a competent, effective, transparent company, investing in innovation as a lever for the future, in a process of evolution and continuous improvement, always valuing its human resources.


Management System Policy

Aurimoldes is committed to gaining more and more ground in the national and international market, assuming a commitment of competence and rigor in the processes that guarantee a continuous improvement of the organization.

We base our quality policy on the following objectives:


  • Ensuring good practices and quality in our work processes, providing a service that fully and quickly responds to the needs and requirements of each client;
  • Promote the continuous satisfaction of our customers, as well as the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of other relevant stakeholders, improving and consolidating our financial results;
  • Encourage the active participation and responsibility of all employees in the implementation of the quality management system, reinforcing and consolidating a holistic and interdependent vision of our organization;
  • Valuing the updating of our employees’ skills, encouraging and providing opportunities for continuous training;
  • Prevent and correct errors, basing the company on a permanent concern for continuous improvement;
  • In compliance with applicable legal requirements, customer requirements and others that the organization subscribes to applicable to the product.

See our certificate here .